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Electric Carts Over 3000 Dollars
With All the Carts We have in stock and the inventory that we go through we cannot list every cart we have online... If you are looking for something different Please call 540-574-3345(M-F 8-5) (Sat 10-2)

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Item #
Club Car   2007 3495.00 New Batteries, Pink Body, Sun Top, Wheel Covers 3912
Club Car Electric   2007 3695.00 Sun Top, Custom Seats, Flip Seat, Headlights Taillights 3928
Club Car small Golf Carts 2007 3395.00 Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, Sun Top, Grey 3924
Club Car 2007 4495.00 Red Body, Lifted, 12 inch Aluminum, Flip Seat, Headlights Taillights 3934
Club Car   2007 4495.00 Red, Lifted, Headlights Taillights Chromes, Flip Seat 3906
Club Car   2007 3495.00 Blue, Flip Seat, Headlights Taillights, Champion Precedent 3905
Club Car   2007 4495.00 Yellow, LIfted, Headlights Taillights, Chromes, Flip seat 3907
Club Car   2007 4495.00 Blue, LIfted, Headlights Taillights, Chromes, Flip Seat 3908
Club Car   2007 3495.00 Champion Precedent, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, Green 3902
Club Car   2007 3695.00 Champion Precedent, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, Red 3903
Club Car   2004 3795.00 Black Body, Custom Seat Covers, Flip Seat, Headlights Taillights 3894
Club Car   2004 3295.00 Blue, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat 3890
Club Car   2006 3495.00 Black Body, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat 3884
Club Car   2007 3495.00 Red body, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat 3885
Club Car golf carts for sale   2007 4495.00 Silver, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, Lifted, Chromes 3899
Club Car used golf cart   2007 3695.00 Red Body, Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, Champion Precedent 3900
Ezgo 2005 3495.00 Green Body, LIfted, Flip Seat, Headlights Taillights 3930


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