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Electric Golf Cart Under 3000 Dollars

With Over 200 Carts in Stock we cant list everything on the web. We Can Alter These Carts To Whatever Meets Your Needs.
CART TYPE   YEAR Price Description 2 Item
Ezgo Special 2005 1995.00 Sun Top, Wheel Covers, 2009 Year Batteries, PDS E05E
Ezgo 2005 2795.00 PDS, Flip Seat, Headlights Taillights, 09 Batts 3935
Yamaha 1992 1495.00 Extended Sun Top, New Batteries, Rear Seat 92g9
Club Car 2006 2995.00 Flip Seat, Precedent, Sun Top, Beige 3931
Ezgo   1999 2395.00 New Batteries, Sun Top, Flip Seat, Wheel Covers 3871
Ezgo   1999 2650.00 Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, New Batteries, Sun Top 3806
Ezgo   2002 2995.00 Headlights Taillights, Turnlights Brakelights, Sun Top, Seat Belts 3879
Ezgo Small 2005 2995.00 Headlights Taillights, Flip Seat, Sun Top, 09 Batteries 3920
Club Car Small 2007 2895.00 Headlights Taillights, Precedent, Sun Top, 19.5 MPH 3918
Club Car   2007 2995.00 Burgundy Paint, Precedent, Sun Top, Wheel Covers 3910
Club Car   2007 2650.00 Plain, Sun Top, Beige, Precedent, Wheel Covers 3909
Club Car   2006 2995.00 Precedent, Sun Top, Red Paint, 17 MPH, 48 Volt 3663
Fair Play   2007 1995.00 Standard Cart, Sun Top, Wheel Covers Fpla

We do not gurantee that every cart listed here is available so please take the time to call or email us to find out if your next golf cart is still available. We do however keep this as updated as possible on a weekly and sometimes daily basis depending on how busy we are.



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